Monday, October 28, 2013

True Friendship

Hello everyone,
Today I have to talk about my friends. I have a lot of friends(not so many) but I only have three special friends, my best friends. Rosie, Megan and Jane. They are all amazing friends.
Rosie it's that kind of girl who always has an issue with herself. She had some troubles on the past, with her health, and because of that she's always put herself down. She is really shy at the beginning but then she is unbelievable crazy (in the good sense of the word). I know her for seven years but it was just three years ago that I really start to know who she really is, wonderful.
Megan it's the craziest. She loves fashion, just like me, but she is also extremely intelligent. She's always happy and telling jokes. She's amazing. She never shows in public what she feels about the reality but I know when she's happy, sad, in love or angry. I love her. We are always comment what people are wearing, it's super fun.  If I could describe her in one word, would be: Indescribable.
Jane, Jane, Jane, my best friend. We are just like each other. We like the same things and we don't like the same things. She is the first person to know everything about my life. She is the most lovely person in the world but also totally honest. She does things for me that no one else would do. She loves playing guitar and sing and have some fun with all of us. When I'm with her I'm always happy. We laugh together of our mistakes. And of course, as real friends we are always making fun of each other. She is unique. There's no one like her.
What is the real friendship? It's when you love your friends even if they are away from you or when you are hurt with them but you can say anything that could hurt them.
And today I had one of the most special moments of my friendship with them. We were on the rink of Rockefeller, just after school, we all fall down at the same time and we star laughing of each others and of ourselves. But this was one of many good moments with them.
I love my friends.  I love hanging out with them. I love have some fun with them. I love my girls so much.

Toodle-OO, Mary C.

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