Sunday, October 27, 2013

My dream or my reality?

Here I am on the Big Apple. I'm looking at the big Christmas Tree on Rockerfeller Rink, and it's beautiful. And what is also beautiful is people doing skating, laughing, falling and being happy. This is magical. This is the best time of the year, it's almost Christmas time.
I love walking on the streets see the Christmas decorations, people playing, on the park, with snow and I love buy gifts with my friends and to them. It's all amazing.
Now I am on 5th Avenue, looking at all these stores, but there's one that I like more than the others, it's Tiffany & Co. When I'm front of that store I feel like I am on some Sex and the City movie. And it stars my dream. I came on the store, I start looking at all the jewelry, and there's one crystal snowball that I just can't look away, the Empire State Building is there and have a lot of diamonds, it's the crystal snowball of my dreams. I ask if I could have that treasure on my hands, and in the minute that I'm shake her... my alarm rings. It's time to wake up. I look at the window and I see the Empire. Maybe it's not a dream, it's the reality. And now it's time to go to another store on the avenue, maybe some store with Christmas decorations, because it's time to celebrate the most magical time of the year.

Toodle-OO, Mary C.

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