Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The bad boys

Yesterday when I was in Starbucks with Jane, I saw the most beautiful guy on the Earth. He was tall, he had green eyes and brown hair, he was super hot, but those are the only things that I knew about him, and his name, Thomas. I didn't know where he lived, if he was from NY, if he had a girlfriend. The only thing that I knew it was that he was gorgeous.
Then, by night, when I was in my bed, I star imagine my life with him. The things that we could do if I meet him. And I dreamed with Thomas. In this morning, when I was with Rosie, Jane and Megan, I told them my dream and I start describe him as the most beautiful man in the entire world. I spent all the morning and the lunch talking about him. Suddenly, at the park I saw this guy and Rosie tell me that she knew who he was. He is the brother of a friend of hers. And he came greets her. His voice it's so sexy. He said 'Hello' to all of us and ask if we wanted to go to Rockefeller Center Rink. He was super nice. Of course we said no, but what I wanted to say was:'Yes!'. When he left, Rosie told me that he was that kind of boy who had all the girls after him and he never fall in love. He is a "bad boy", and that's sucks, however, we (girls) always love the bad boys,  isn't that true? What we can do, they have something attractive.

Toodle-OO, Mary C.

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