Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Diamonds are the girls best friends

After so many weeks saying nothing: HELLO!
It's true, diamonds are the girls best friends, but it's not just the diamonds it's everything related to the fashion industry, from the runway till the magazines. Who's the girl who doesn't like fashion, mostly if you live in NYC?
Since I was little, I always loved fashion. I remember dressing my mom's clothes, putted her make-up on and her shoes. And I felt fabulous, and I felt I was a really grown-up woman, but I was just that little girl with the dream of being a powerful woman with the best clothes in town. But now, that I'm in New York that change, because to be successful in this city you have to be the best, not just in your dreams, but also in the reality.
Today, when I was in Zara, I saw a little girl that was trying the clothes from her mother section (women section). And I think that was delicious and funny. So, me and Megan, we decided to go Chanel's Store and start trying all the fabulous clothes, shoes and those amazing bags. We felt like SJP, in Sex and the City. We felt wonderful and confident and sexy. You could think this might be a little bit crazy but this is New York City, we can do anything we wanted.
And don't forget, clothes, shoes, diamonds and bags could say everything about our personality. You make the clothes.

Toodle-OO, Mary C.

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